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. lünn .



Lünn is the first head to fit on the Appi body.

It has been sculpted to have a smiley and mischievious expression, but it can also have a more nostalgic pout. She definitely has a marked type, and thus gives various possibilities of ethnical customisation. But she also can be a young girl, with round cheeks and laughing eyes.
Lünn has a childish face full of character, which makes you want to smile when you look at her. 

The Pêche we have chosen is a lovely peachy color that does not tend to appear yellow at all. The powdery resin, slightly translucency, matches perfectly this shade and gives the doll a soft and realistic aspect.

Preorders period: from November 24, 2012 au December 24, 2012


Will come with a random pair of eyes.
clothes and wig not included

Option : makeup by Viridian House



• height: 27 cm
• head measurement: 14,2 cm  - 5/6
• eyes size: 6 mm
• neck size: 4,5 cm
• chest size (small bust): 10.5 cm
• waist size: 12,5 cm
• hip size: 16,5 cm
• shoulder width: 7 cm
• thigh: 10 cm
• calf: 5.8 cm
• arm: 3,6 cm
• forearm: 4 cm
• bust height: 9 cm
• arm length: 8,5 cm
• leg length: 11,5 cm
• foot length: 3,8 cm




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