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We are very happy to open another preorder for Roze Heln, in partnership with the PNW BJD Expo (Seattle - April 23-25, 2020)
She will be available in chocolat skin. 


This preorder/limited edition will be open from the 14th of february, 2020 10:00 am (French time), to the 14th of march, 2020 10:00 pm (French time).

There will be no limited quantity of order during this period of time. This is the only preorder that will ever be held for this doll, once it’s over she will not be produced in preorder again for this resin color. 



Important : PNW BJD Expo attendees may benefit of two advantages :

- A 45€ reduction coupon on the price of the doll (Please ask the PNW Staff for your reduction code! Reduction codes are to be entered during the check out of your order).

- The possibility to pick up your doll during the PNW Show, directly on the Dust of Dolls booth (works only for dolls without faceup. The "PNW Pick Up" free shipping option must be chosen).


Included :

❀ One complete doll, strung and assembled in chocolat skin.

❀ One pair of glass eyes in 12 mm. The color will be chosen randomly.

❀ The doll will come naked.

❀ The doll will come without wigs.

❀ Each doll will come in an adapted Dust of Dolls carriage bag.


Option :

❀ makeup by Viridian House



Please note that the colors on the pictures could be slightly different from real color depending on your computer settings.

Production time is around 5 months, but this depends on many factors we are totally independant of.

The shipments will begin after we have received the dolls at our workplace.

The makeup options will add 60 more days to the wait.



Pics by Benjamin Hurni








makeup by Viridian House






Measurements :

• height : 40 cm
• head measurement (wig size) : 17,5 cm (6/7)
• eyes size : 12/14 mm
• feet length : 5 cm